Protesters still going on about President Tsai’s doctorate (sigh) on her 2nd inauguration


People protesting on the morning of President Tsai’s 2nd inauguration. The sign has the not-so-catchy slogan you’d expect from someone who still doesn’t believe that Tsai has a doctorate:「妳有沒有羞恥心 當總統 沒有博士 真騙子」 ‘Don’t you have any shame? Being president without a doctorate, what a cheat’:

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Ma Ying-jeou does Mean Tweets… well Facebook comments

Ma Ying-jeou made a “mean Facebook comment” video to mark the end of his term in office:

I did a rough translation with some explanatory notes of the jokes below:






Update (July 6, 2017): I have since learned that 「寶寶」 doesn’t have anything to do with Sponge Bob Square Pants, it just comes from the phrase 「嚇死寶寶」 as uttered by someone on Mainland Chinese telly and which then subsequently caught the public imagination. The 「寶寶」 in 「嚇死寶寶」 is a cutesy self-referent similar to when people say 「嚇死人家」 to mean 「嚇死我」. It’s pretty much equivalent in the annoying stakes to the use of “bae”.


Update (July 6, 2017): At the time I was in such a hurry to get this done that I failed to notice that the zhuyin listed beside “interesting” here, spells out 「傷人」 (hurtful).


And then he gets serious and gets nice messages – so I stopped translating – haha. Enjoy!