Use your Citizen Digital Certificate to View your Labour Insurance Data on App

Another day another government app. Unlike the NHI app, you need an Alien Citizen Digital Certificate to authenticate the Labour Insurance Mobile Services App ( Google Play / Apple Store ) where you can see how long you’ve been covered under government labour insurance and if you’re registered under the government pension scheme (APRC holders).

It is likely more use to citizens than to foreigners, as I only had data listed under one field (labour insurance coverage) but useful to know how to access as legislation continues to change.

So if you’ve already got your Alien Citizen Digital Certificate and a card reader installed, navigate to the Labour Insurance Bureau’s e-desk website, which looks as below after you close the pop-up on the initial screen:

With your card reader and Alien Citizen Digital Certificate already inserted, enter your Citizen Digital Certificate pin, your ARC no. and your date of birth in ROC format (the Western year minus 1911, in format YYYMMDD, so, for example, Jan 2, 1971, would be 0600102), then click login (登入) and you’ll reach this screen:

At this point you’re logged in, but you don’t have a mobile account yet. So under 行動服務帳號作業 (Mobile Services Account Management), click 建立服務帳號 (Create a services account) and you’ll be led to a terms and conditions page, which you can agree with by clicking 同意條款內容 (Agree to terms):

After this, you have to fill out this page with your email account (帳號), a password (密碼), confirmation of your password (確認密碼) and below this some fields will be autofilled and you can add your mobile number at the bottom (手機號碼):

Below this, you’ll be prompted to enter your Citizen Digital Certificate pin again (so make sure you haven’t disconnected your card reader). Annoyingly, once it’s confirmed, it will seem like the form didn’t submit properly, but there will be some red text at the bottom that says something like confirmed. Don’t refill out the form, just navigate to 帳號啟用 (A行動服務帳號作業 (Mobile Services Account Management)

Next go to the email that you put under account, and you’ll see a confirmation code, which you can copy and paste for use in the next screen:

If you get this screen, then you’ve successfully activated your account and after you click ok, it will display a QR code, which you can scan with your phone:

Click 認證裝置 (verify device) and scan the QR code on screen. Then you can login to see the details of your labour insurance coverage, by clicking 個人查詢 (Individual inquiry):

You’ll then be prompted to login with your email and the password you set on the website:

For me only the first option worked 投保資料查詢 (Check coverage info), although labour pension is the second option:

The only info available to me is as follows (ROC years, so add 1911 to get the Western year):

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