Use your phone as your EasyCard with Samsung Pay: Update

Now you can use a virtual EasyCard in your Samsung Pay wallet for all your EasyCard needs, including MRT turnstiles, YouBike rentals and mobile payments by EasyCards. First go to your Samsung Pay app, and click the EasyCard option on the front page (if you don’t see this, you should do a software update on your phone or check if your model is compatible):

At the next screen, if you’re a student choose the student EasyCard, otherwise choose Adult:

Then a screen with terms and conditions will pop up and you can agree with them:

A card will then be generated, and you’ll get a transitional screen as below:

Once that’s done, you’ll see your card has been created:

If your NFC settings aren’t already set to Embedded Secure Element, you have to go to your settings and change them:

So, now you’ve got your card, you have to add some money to it. James Lick informs me that you can top up the way you would regularly top up an Easycard at a machine at the station while you’re waiting for your real-name registration to go through, but adding money through credit or debit card is quick and easy once this process is complete. To carry out the real name verification process, start by hitting “Top Up”:

To complete this stage, you’ll have to agree to another set of terms and conditions, and you can click 「同意」(agree):

Next you have to confirm your phone number, so just enter your phone number in the box marked in red, then click 「發送驗證碼」(S:

Next you’ll be texted an OTP code which you’ll have to enter in the box indicated below in red:

When you’ve entered that just hit 「確定送出」 (Confirm send). After this you’ll be asked to fill in some personal details (Warning, apparently they’ve added a 10 minute limit to this process – so get your ducks in a row before you start).

Fill in your Chinese name in the first box or non-Chinese name in the second box. Then Year of birth, first year, then month then day, then your phone number
Next is county/city and district.
Fill in your street address and email address, and then tick the box to indicated you’re a foriegner
Fill in your ARC and select your nationality (國籍), apparently the Chinese list is listed in English alphabetical order (hmmmm mmm); then the issue date (核發日期) in YYYYMMDD format along with the expiry date (居留期限) – if you’re an APRC holder usually they ask you to enter the date of application). Then you have to fill in the serial number on the back of your ARC – beside the barcode, mine starts with F followed by nine numbers.
Next you have to upload the front and back of your ARC, select file then upload for each.
Next hit 「下一步」 (next) and that’s you done for now

When uploading images, they’ve apparently introduced a 5 megapixel limit, so make sure to resize your image if you’ve got your camera set at a higher resolution.

Now wait three working days to get your details confirmed and hey presto.

Apple Pay doesn’t seem to support this at the minute, but feel free to correct me if it does now.


So my ARC details were approved and I took my first journey by YouBike with the virtual card. You just have to make sure your NFC is turned on and hold the device to the YouBike stand for longer than you might a normal EasyCard. The phone has to be on but doesn’t have to be active.

(Shout out to Russmain Jaimes for pointing this this function existed and thanks to James Lick for some updates on the new registration process)

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