EasyCard Wallet Mobile Payment App (finally) Foreign Resident Friendly: Update

True to their word, just as all the introductory offers are ending, the EasyCard Corporation have held their noses and finally allowed foreign residents to register for their EasyCard Wallet app at the end of May (they should probably add this in English on the Play Store too):

The May 29th update, includes registration being opened to ARC holders in Taiwan, along with under 20s and resolving some other small issues.

You can either click on 「悠遊卡付專屬」 or 「我的」 as below:

Then you’ll get a screen asking if you want to register for EasyWallet as follows:

Click 立即開通悠遊付 as above, and then you’ll get a page with terms and conditions which you have to state that you’ve read and agreed to:

Next is the signup info, under 身分證字號 (ID number) you’ll see a link in blue labeled 居留證驗證 (ARC validation), which you should click:

After this screen you’ll be asked to select either an ordinary ARC or an APRC (this is because there is no expiry date on an APRC):

The left box says 一般居留證 (normal ARC) and the right box says 永久居留證 (APRC)

The main difference is just that for the normal ARC (一般居留證), you’re asked for the expiry date on your ARC (居留期限) while for the APRC, you’re asked for the 核發日期 (date of approval):

The rest of the form is the same:

ARC No (統一證號)
Your name (姓名)
Date of birth (出生日期)
Nationality (國籍)
ARC Expiry date/approval date (居留期限/核發日期)
The serial number on the back of your ARC (背後序號)
Then you’ll be asked to take a photo of the front (正面) and back (背面) of your ARC.

Then you’ll be asked to confirm your details and to proceed to validate (it will be checked by the National Immigration Agency no less according to the blurb:

After this you’ll get a message telling you that they are reviewing your ID:

And now there is nothing to do but wait. I’ll update with more functions and such after I’ve been validated.

But jokes aside, despite the late rollout, the programming team have done a good job with the update to the app, and the steps are pretty clear (particularly the recognition of the lack of an expiry date on APRCs and the in-app camera works).

So after three failed attempts, they finally accepted my ARC photo. I will update on some of the functions when I’ve explored them a bit more.

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