EZ Way App – Import/Export Declarations

Recently the Taiwanese authorities have been quite strict with parcels in and out of the country and if you’re using a courier like DHL, you might have recently been sent an email instructing you to fill in a form to let the company deal with import/export procedure for you. They normally link to the EZ Way app (Android / Apple).

Signing Up

Their name verification is currently done by mobile providers and this is for ROC citizens only, so you’ll have to manually upload the front and back of your ARC.

The sign-up process is pretty simple with one exception. After you enter the first digit of your ARC number, your keyboard autoswitches to numbers, you can fix this by just writing your ARC number elsewhere and copying and pasting it into the space provided.

Click sign up if you haven’t already
This screen will automatically pop up, but if you click No on the second line, it will switch to the screen below
So you can pick any User ID you like and then fill out your ARC number/passport and telephone number

Remember at this point to copy and paste your ARC number in, as your keyboard will switch to numbers after you enter the first digit manually.

If you have a Chinese name, input it at the “Name part” and then input your English name (as appears on ARC) under Legal Name
Next you enter your email address, your postal address and upload images of your ARC front and back

After you submit this, it should prompt you to verify either your phone number or your email address and prompt you to login again.

This will bring you to the following screen:

At this point you’ll need your HAWB No, which should have been sent to you by your courier. In the example below with DHL it’s as follows:


At which point, you can hit “Appointment” – here it means appointing the courier to deal with import procedures for you, not making an appointment.

The screen should autofill with your details, and then ask you for a HAWB or waybill number (提單號):


Your courier, in the example below I’ve used DHL, should have emailed you info on your waybill:


In this case, the waybill number is the “4111410564”

Next tap, signature, and it will ask you to add your signature, then click next.

A letter will pop out signed by you giving your authorization for the courier to handle procedures on your behalf. Click send and hey presto!

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