EZ Way App – Import/Export Declarations (Updated August 27, 2020)

Recently the Taiwanese authorities have been quite strict with parcels in and out of the country and if you’re using a courier like DHL, you might have recently been sent an email instructing you to fill in a form to let the company deal with import/export procedure for you. They normally link to the EZ Way app (Android / Apple).

UPDATE: Although SF Express is not listed on the app, a user reports that you can use 福隆國際 (Fwullong International) and SF Express will receive your details. You can also fill in your details on SF Express’s own website here.

Signing Up

Their name verification is currently done by mobile providers and this is for ROC citizens only, so you’ll have to manually upload the front and back of your ARC.

Click sign up if you haven’t already
Click “others” and fill in the info requested, you have to fill in a Chinese name
Take a note of your account id and password, as every time they update they lock you out.
Upload the front and back of your ARC

After you submit this, it should prompt you to verify either your phone number or your email address and prompt you to login again.

NOTE: If you were logged into the app and they updated and you can’t remember your login info, it’s impossible to retrieve it, as the ID only accepts Taiwanese format ID, but a quick tip is to go to the emails they send you, one of them should list your account number, from there you can retrieve your password without needing to enter your ID.

Once you’re logged in, you need to manually create a letter of authorization:

At this point you’ll need your HAWB No, which should have been sent to you by your courier. In the example below with DHL it’s as follows:

Once you’re logged in, click “paper letter of authorization”

Click “paper letter of authorization” – here it means appointing the courier to deal with import procedures for you.

You’ll be prompted to select your courier:

The screen should autofill with your details, and then ask you for a HAWB or waybill number (提單號):

Your courier, in the example below I’ve used DHL, should have emailed you info on your waybill:


In this case, the waybill number is the “4111410564”

Next tap, signature, and it will ask you to add your signature, then click next.

A letter will pop out signed by you giving your authorization for the courier to handle procedures on your behalf. Click send and hey presto!

Find your courier:


Famous Express Global Logistics (FEC) 驊洲隆昌

Leader Empire Wang International Company Limited (EHU) 聯締

Lifong 立峰

Fwullong International Enterprise 福隆國際

EastWind Express (Tungfong) 東風(東方)

Note for foreigners:

UPDATE: The Customs Administration only works with SF Express on the real-name verification part of the app, so if you’re a foreign resident of Taiwan you’ll have to contact the company and likely fax over a paper letter of authorization.
After talking to them on the phone, the conclusion they reached was, we’re not going to do anything about it. You can contact them here:
02-2550-5500 #2541/#2539/#2533 or contact the customer service people: 02-7735-2812
They’ll likely direct you to each other anyway in a game of blame the other person.

UPDATE to UPDATE: A member of a Facebook group I’m in reported that he had success sending the letter of verification to 福隆國際 on the EZ Way app, and received follow up from SF Express subsequently.

Even if you have a Citizen Digital Certificate you will not be able to register with customs on their website. The reason for this is that they ask you to manually input your ID number and they only accept Taiwanese format IDs (despite your card reader already storing your ID):

12 thoughts on “EZ Way App – Import/Export Declarations (Updated August 27, 2020)

      • I just called them, and they said that 豐運 still works for real-name verification, but not for paper letter of verification. She then gave me the extension of her superior but they didn’t answer and then she stopped answering her extension. It seems they just didn’t consider foreigners in their calculations and the only solution they could provide was to wait for the courier to contact you and then write an actual paper letter of authorization. Not very useful.


      • Oh – they just told me that 豐運 isn’t listed on the app at all. They only work with SF Express on the real-name verification part of the app. So tough luck, you’ll have to fax or email a paper letter of authorization when and if SF Express contact you, if you’re parcel isn’t just sent back.


  1. SF Express is not so very convenient for foreigners. By the way, what if it’s UPS? Do I still need to undergo the same process as the SF Express does? I have tried imports before I only just have to wait for my parcel. But now its giving me a lot of headache already.


    • Hi there, have you already registered or are you registering for the first time. You can find your username if you’ve registered before by looking through your email as stated in the post.


  2. Wait, so what happens if you order things through Taobao, it requires this EZ Way stuff, and you haven’t even gotten your ARC yet? Are you just up shit creek without a paddle or something? I can’t drag my co-workers into this ._.


    • it depends how much the value is. Normally the courier will still deliver and bill you for the customs duty if any. Normally you’ll receive a call or an email prompting you to submit via EZWay, but if you have a job, you should have a UI number.


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