Read Google Play Books on your Kindle

book-2135769_1920This is an unnecessarily complex way to convert your Google Play book to a Kindle readable version. Why don’t they make their systems interoperable? (Sigh!)

Go to Google Play Books:

Step 1: Click ‘My Books’

Step 2: Hover over the book you’ve bought in Google Play and click the ︙ button.

Step 3: Select download ePub and download it to your computer.

Step 4: Install Adobe Digital Editions (yes, you really have to do this).

Step 5: Once you’ve setup an account, go to ‘File’ and ‘Add to Library’, then select the file you just downloaded and open it.

Step 6: Go back to Library

Step 7: Download Calibre (yes, you also really have to do this.)

Step 8: Download DeDRM Tools (shhh… just do it) and extract files.

Step 9: On the main screen of Calibre, go to Preferences, and then click Plugins, under the Advanced Tab.

Step 10: Click ‘Load Plugin from File’ and select the DeDRM Tools file you just downloaded and extracted.

Step 11: Restart Calibre and Click ‘Add Books’, and select the downloaded file from My Digital Editions

Step 12: Select ‘Convert Books’, and select MOBI as the output file type.

Step 13: On the right of the Calibre app there should be a Path: Click to open link. This will lead you to your newly created MOBI file, which you can transfer to your Kindle.

Step 14: You’ll generally have an email that you can send files to, or you can just do it the old fashioned way via USB.



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