Responding Passive Aggressively to Passive Aggressive Note Posting: A Guide

Classic example here of tearing up a note, but leaving it up to show the person what you think of their message (there was a trash can just beside the elevator).


We’ve used the latest digital methods to enhance and reconstruct the original note as below:


The note reads:

「請不要將廚餘、垃圾放在地上」 (Please don’t put kitchen waste or rubbish on the ground)

Note: I did not take any part in the writing or tearing of this note

4 thoughts on “Responding Passive Aggressively to Passive Aggressive Note Posting: A Guide

  1. Chinese culture or Cofucian does not teach “public good/virtue” 公德 或是 公共道德。If you forget to shift word processing from Chinese to English and type “China” it may turn out 吃拿!


      • Well, I meat 公益 or 公共道德。At least, under KMT ruled Taiwan, and compared to the Imperial Japanese colonist, the Establishment or intellectuals of the age ignor it.
        After more than 60-70 years, 台灣人「吃拿lized」。


      • I don’t really agree with you there. Holding up empire and imperial aggression as an ideal isn’t exactly a notion I can get behind. A sense of public duty or morality seems to still be present in Taiwan, but obviously this varies person to person and this variance is not unique to Taiwan. You can blame anyone you want but it’s not really of any use. The best thing to do is just set an example by helping others and being as considerate as you can be.


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