Sing to speak Taiwanese: Part 3 (Chorus) ‘The hustle and bustle is all a dream’ 會唱就會講台語:〈繁華攏是夢〉第三段(副歌)

This is a continuation of Part 1 and Part 2. My favorite part of the song which also contains some useful vocabulary for those 3am calls to your ex to tell them how heartless they are and everything you’ve done for them. I’ve posted different versions of the song in each post, so here’s the 北七樂團’s version, although there’s another song at the end:

I’ve reposted the lyrics as they appear at KTV below as a reminder:

1. a. 一暝夢攏看無你的人

b. 阮的心是夜夜在思戀

c. 情是風中的花叢

d. 去落袂凍照希望

e. 阮猶原為你塊清香

2. a. 是緣份乎雙人伴相隨

b. 是命運伊將咱來放離

c. 風吹一山過一山

d. 找無心愛的形影

e. 吹袂透我心內孤單

3. a. 人若是疼著一個無心的人

b. 情茫茫望你半生通也不通

c. 像東流水

d. 綿綿相思

e. 多情多怨嘆

f. 又擱想起

4. a. 人若是疼著一個無心的人

b. 當作是註定紅塵一場戀夢 

c. 偏偏為你

d. 夢也相思

e. 誰的人

f. 誰疼痛

g. 繁華攏是夢

This time I’m going to look at 3a-f.

a. 人若是疼著一個無心的人 If you are in love with a heartless person

人 lâng person 人

若是  nā-sī if 若是; 如果是

疼 thiàⁿ love 疼; 愛

著 tio̍h continuous particle 著

一 chit one 一

個 ê measure word for people

無心  sim  heartless 負心

ê indicator of adjectival clause 的

人 lâng person 人

b. 情茫茫望你半生通也不通 The passion will see you dazed without a way out for a long time

情 chêng passion 情

茫茫 bâng-bâng daze 茫茫

望 bāng wish; to hope for 希望

你  you 你

半生  pòan-seng half a lifetime 半生

通 thang to flow; to go well 通

也  also 也

不通  thang not to flow; not to go well 不通

c. 像東流水 Like the water flowing in the East

像 chhiūⁿ like 像

tang East 東

流水 lâu-chúi flowing water

d. 綿綿相思 Endlessly thinking about one another

綿綿 mî-mî never-ending

相思  siuⁿ-si to think about one another 相思

e. 多情多怨嘆 So much love, so much hate

to so much 多麼

情 chêng passion 情

to so much 多麼

怨嘆 òan-thàn resentment; reproaches

f. 又擱想起 then you start thinking of it again

又   again 又

擱  kok/koh still 還

相起 siūⁿ-khí to think back to 相起

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