Translating Taiwan

I’ve been inTaiwan for a few years now and have been translating a variety of short stories and essays on an amateur basis. I hope to use this blog to post some of the translated work and some translations that I’ve done for fun. Would be happy to take submissions from other amateur translators with an interest in China or Taiwan.

我已經在台灣侍(呆) 了六年,對翻譯文學一直有興趣,也翻過幾篇短片小說、文章等等,因此創造這個部落格的目的便是po一些最近翻譯的或我覺得有趣的譯作給大家參考。我也歡迎對台灣或中國有興趣的讀者寄給我你們的翻譯作品,或在這邊合作。

1 thought on “Translating Taiwan

  1. Locating Conor Stuary, re currently a master’s student at Graduate Institute of Taiwan Studies at National Taiwan University (NTU). Conor if there, contact me in Taiwan at bikolang AT gmail DOT com, want to get in touch with you re NTU and new Taiwan novel published in English in UK, translated from Chinese, pubbed in Taipei in 2011, new release now in 2013 with US release and France set for 2014, titled THE MAN WITH COMPOUND EYES by Wu Ming-yi, Taipei writer, maybe you can review it?


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